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National Bodies

Saracen Analytics has designed the websites for The Great Priory of Scotland of the United Religious, Military, and Masonic Orders of the Temple, and of St.John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes, and Malta is the Governing Body of the Third Largest Masonic Body in Scotland and the Supreme Council for Scotland for the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.

These Web Sites Features include

  • Muster details for every Preceptory and Priory under the Great Priory
  • A Kalender of Musters
  • Latest News from Great Priory
  • Items for Sale
  • Forms to Download
  • Current Officer Details
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District and Local Websites

    We have created the following Web Sites

  • Lodge Kirknewton & Ratho 85
  • District Grand Priory of South East Scotland
  • Provincial Grand Lodge of Perthshire West
  • Provincial Grand Conclave of South Scotland


Other Websites

Outside of Freemasonry, Saracen Analytics has created a Web site for Scottish Ancestor Hunters

Web Site Features

  • Testimonials from Customer
  • Price Structures

The Ashlar

Circle Publications provides a number of items for the interest and edification of Freemasons all over the world. Pride of place goes to the magazine, The Ashlar, first published in 1997. This idiosyncratic publication is produced thrice yearly, in January, March and September, this timing designed as the best fit for the Scottish Masonic calendar.

The Ashlar is produced as a high quality magazine, in colour, at the minimal cost of £4.00 per copy. It is not intended to be an academic journal; the main focus is on providing a platform where a Mason can express his opinions. However, the magazine is intended to provide information on Scottish Freemasonry for Freemasons around the world and therefore is a superb medium in promoting Masonic education.

The Ashlar is already enjoyed by many with subscribers in every continent. We trust this website will encourage you to become a regular reader and support Scottish Freemasonry.