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Victoria Cross Freemasons

Hardback• £35.00 •


The Comprehensively researched book is an international first edition. It records for the first time in one publication, all known Freemasons from throughout the world who were awarded the Victoria Cross during the Great War

Enjoy reading the stories of the unique deeds of outstanding valour of these 91 Freemasons, gathered by the author's meticulous research in over 17 countries uncovering previously unknown facts. Over 100 photographs and maps help to illustrate the tales of these truely remarkable brace deeds.

The Great War was a conflicat of unimaginable horror, of death and mutilation of mankind on an unprecidented scale and a living nightmare of trench warfare. Death reaped a grim harvest of broken minds and bodies which littered a shattered landscape for nearly five years of conflict in a "Living Hell".

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Speculative Masonry

Hardback• £20.00 •


This book by Andrew S. MacBride was first produced in 1914 as an Instruction in the Principles and Higher Aims of Speculative Masonry

The Principles and Aims of the Craft truly haven't changed over the years and no one has presented them better. For those in Search of Enlightenment and wish to improve their Masonic knowledge look no futher than this superb book.

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A Winter with Robert Burns

184pp, Cased Bound, Gold Blocked • £12.50 •


Detailing his Patrons and Associates in Edinburgh during the years 1786-87.

Complete with a full colour pull-out illustration of his supposed inauguration as Poet-Laureate of Cannongate, Kilwinning

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Robert Burns Cronies, Colleagues and Contemporaries

, • £24.50 •


The long awaited book "Robert Burns Cronies, Colleagues and Contemporaries" by James L Hempstead is now available. The book is full of pictures and in full colour throughout with each section a different colour.

There may not be much new that can be said about the Poet but the same cannot be said about his friends and associates. Never before have they been dealt with so comprehensively as in this new book. Here you can find out how they influenced and encouraged Burns in his development as a poet. James L Hempstead is one of the foremost authorities on Robert Burns in Scotland today and was created an Honorary President of the Robert Burns World Federation in 1994 in recognition of his immense contribution to Burns literature. There has not been a book on the market so full of excellent content and so beautifully produced for a long time.

Hard Back 250 Pages full colour from Masonic Publishing

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